Cutbacks At The Workplace

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The Script For Today's Comic!

TOM (on the phone): Photos of wedding are in mail. I'll send bill in week. You'll love photo of your party!

(Tom hangs up. Karla looks on quizzically.)

KARLA: Was that a WORK call?

TOM: Yes! I'm saving time on phone!

TOM: See, Russian language has no word for "the" or "a." Words are just filler; people understand intent just fine without extra verbiage.

TOM: So by dropping words "the" and "a" from speech, I save tenth of second per sentence!

KARLA: That's incredibly stupid.

TOM: Is it any dumber than when kids type "ur" to avoid spelling out "your"?


Ferrett Says

Just a heads-up: if anyone's interested in meeting me personally, you'll find me at Pi-Con in West Springfield, Massachusetts, on August 10th.

Other webcomic notables at Pi-Con will be Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content and the rock star who does XKCD. They will doubtlessly look at me and then squash me like the tiny bug that I am. But that's cool, 'cause I'll get to tell the other corpses that I've met them.

Please also remember that I am a con whore, and will attend any con I can drive to as long as you invite me as a guest. I shill, I dance, I wear funny underpants. Past people will tell you, "Wow, he was almost 40% as interesting as Randy Milholland!" And I'm much less expensive. What's not to love?

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