Canon Fire, Part 1

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I'd like to lovingly dedicate today's strip to Shadowpryde and all the other fanfic authors out there.


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The Script For Today's Comic!

Canon Fire, Part 1

Tom and Karla in the living room.

TOM: So you looking forward to the new Harry Potter?

KARLA: Already read it.

TOM: But… how? It’s not out yet.

KARLA: I abandoned the J. K. Rowling canon when she refused to acknowledge the love of Sirius and Remus.

KARLA: Instead, I read Jacob Grendale’s Harry Potter finale. Sirius came back to save Harry, and now Remus and Sirius live in a lovely cottage. That’s the true ending.

TOM: That’s stupid. J. K. Rowling writes Harry Potter, not this “Jacob Grendale” fanfic guy. She decides how it ends.

KARLA: Just because the author writes it doesn’t mean it’s canon.

(Final panel, after Tom considers this.)


KARLA: La la la Sirius and Remus sitting in a tree….

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