Canon Fire, Part 2

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Canon Fire, Part 2

Tom is still talking. Karla still has her fingers in her ears.

TOM: Karla, J.K. Rowling writes Harry Potter! You canít just exclude the parts of her story you donít like Ė thatís not the way fiction works! Itís all or nothing!

KARLA (very small): La la laÖ.

KARLA (taking her fingers out of her ears, archly): Really? So Darth Vader is a whiny, creepazoid stalker teenager, just like Lucas says?

(A panelís pause as Tomís eyes go wide.)

TOM: I thought weíd agreed to ignore Jar-Jar together.

KARLA: We did until you stopped cherry-picking your canonical sources, sweetie.

Ferrett Says

We have a new advertiser, and its name is Pi-Con. Not at all coincidentally, I'll be at Pi-Con in a few weeks. Thus, there seems to be a natural intersection of interests.

And say, if you'd like to see Roni or myself at your convention, why not ask us to attend? Hey, we love to meet our fans. And stuff. When anyone invites us, which is sadly rare. *snif*

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