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Sunshine - Wow, six months, I guess this means we're really dating.
Here's to many more.


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Sponsor A Comic For Only $5!

The Script For Today's Comic!

A man and a woman, obviously friends, are standing in line at (or outside) the bookstore. Tom, holding a clipboard like a survey-taker, walks up to them.

TOM: So. Does the new Harry Potter book “suck ass” or is it the “best book ever”?

MAN: How would we know? We’re standing in line for the book.

WOMAN: Nobody’s read it yet.

TOM: Doesn’t matter. You’ve already decided.

TOM: See, either your expectations are set so high that there’s no possible ending that could satisfy everything you wanted from this book…

TOM: …or you’re such a mindless fanboy that you’ll eat up whatever she gives you, and never even notice the flaws.

MAN: …I see.

MAN: Hmm. When you put it that way, it will suck ass.

WOMAN): How could you say that? This book is awesome!

Ferrett Says

Today marks the beginning of my absence from the Internet. In order to avoid spoilers (both inadvertent and vertent), I will be dropping out of sight to go to the last Harry Potter Extravaganza in Hudson, Ohio - where an entire downtown turns itself into Diagon Alley. (Pictures of the last event can be found here.)

Honestly? I kind of wanted to do a strip about the end of an era, but I couldn't find a good angle for it that didn't feel either too maudlin or too cliched. Which is, well, about average. For every strip that I eventually do write, I try to come up with about five to six strips that never find a home.

Anyway. You know how good the Harry Potter book will be in your heart. Really.

Roni Says:

I nearly made the couple in the comic Ferrett and Gini, but I figured that would be a little too mind blowingly meta. Plus, there was the danger of having to spend the better part of the afternoon having to revise it to get their features just right. I still remember Karla and her 9 different noses back when we were doing character design.

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