I Shall Return And Wreak My Rewenge

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The Script For Today's Comic!

A rather aggressive-looking dude – think frat boy, with a five o’clock shadow - in front of a computer, hunched over, typing, and snickering. It should look as sinister as you can make it.

The next panel: Madam Trelawney enters.


FRAT BOY: What? Some nut dressed as Madame Trelawney?

TRELAWNEY: No – I AM Trelawney. And YOU are the man who posted comments spoiling Harry Potter in people’s blogs all last week.

FRAT BOY: So what if I am? It’s just in fun.

TRELAWNEY: Your girlfriend will cheat on you later tonight because you cannot give her an orgasm. You never make it as a stockbroker on Wall Street, becoming a help desk tech instead.

TRELAWNEY: Because you’re a jerk, all your friends abandon you. You die alone and unloved, never having produced one thing of worth.

FRAT BOY: But… why? Why would you tell me my future like that? All my dreams go nowhere…

TRELAWNEY (patting him on the head, cheerfully spiteful): It’s just in fun, dear. Everyone loves to be spoiled, right?

Ferrett Says

Ah, fan service. Talk about fulfilling people's fantasies, ay?

No, what this guy was doing didn't affect me. But it did affect Gini for the last book, and there is a video going around of some jerks bullhorning spoilers to people waiting in line. I won't link to it, for I refuse to give such oafs more PR.

Also, with this comes an interesting conundrum: do we go with the professor who's actually good at his job (and much lesser-known, as well as being much harder to draw for Roni, I'd suspect), or choose the one who's in almost all the movies but is known for being a bit spacey? We went with the more archetypical thing, but I assure you: the words are dead-on.

Man, it's hard writing about a strip without giving it away. But I've probably said... Too much. Just like this jerk.

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