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The Script For Today's Comic!


TOM: The sound you hear right now is me, crashing past the fourth wall.

TOM: Normally, we wouldn’t do this, but this week is special. You see, Roni the artist is going on vacation, and the storyline we want to do next involves a lot of art.

TOM: So Roni – the artist – is going to hand over duties to a guest artist for the next week.

TOM: Unfortunately, we’re a small team. And some people think that Ferrett does the whole strip, which is distinctly not true. So just to show you what it would look like, the guest artist for this week is….

TOM: …Ferrett.

Ferrett Says

I should, of course, add that the distinction between "artist" and "writer" is very fluid when it comes to HotS; we throw around a lot of ideas, and Roni suggests a lot of plotlines (even, as I said last week, the big idea behind the upcoming "Party Prep" strip), as I sometimes give feedback on the art. So I dislike putting us in little cages like that, since "artist" makes it sound like she's just a transcriptionist for My Grand Ideas.

Sadly, terminology being what it is, it is the best delineation of our rough duties when it comes to this strip. So that's what we tell people. Even if it's kind of inaccurate.

This damn language needs better words.

Roni Says:

Also, to clarify, I'm actually on pretend vacation. I'm GOING to be on real vacation in a couple of weeks, but we didn't want to switch to Ferrett art in the middle of the storyline. However, we thought this was funny, and it makes my life a lot easier because I get a week jump on the backlog, so there you go.

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