The Syndicate Strikes Back

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The Script For Today's Comic!


KARLA: What the hell is going on here?

TOM: Roni the artist is on vacation. She’s letting Ferrett the writer draw us.

KARLA: Good god, we look like vomited strands of black spaghetti! What kind of idiot calls himself “Ferrett,” anyway?

TOM: It’s the nickname he had when he met his wife. Everyone calls him that.

TOM: But if you must know, the name on his birth certificate is “Bill.”


TOM: Heh what?

KARLA: “Drawn by Billy, Age 37.”

TOM: We are not the Family Circus!

Ferrett Says

Gee, Roni tells me that her drawing the strip takes hours. I don't see why. Gee, I pounded this out in only forty-five minutes!

In other news, this strip does involve the name on my driver's license. My wife calls me "Ferrett." My kids call me "Ferrett." My friends and co-workers call me "Ferrett." If you think you're doing me some sort of favor by referring to me by my given name, well, y'aren't.

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