Return of the Roni

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The Script For Today's Comic!


KARLA: Isnít this gag getting a little old by now? .

TOM: Itís what happens when a writer tries to draw. Roniíll be back on Monday.

TOM: But I feel sorry for him. After all, it must be hard to convey emotion when he canít DRAW anything right. I mean, I could be royally pissed or asleep now; who can tell?

TOM: I wonder what heíll do to try to get around that limitation?


TOM: The electricityís gone out. How original.

KARLA: Now the writing and the art sucks.

Ferrett Says

And so ends the "Artless" storyline, leaving us where we began.

Though I should add that a Roni-free future may be forthcoming some day. Unfortunately, she's putting a lot of time into this strip, and not earning a whole lot of cash from it. Some day, the needs of paying for her living space may supercede the comic itself... And after that fateful day arrives, the art may well always look like this.

If you'd like to forestall this day when HotS looks like Koko the Crayon Chimp draws it, you may wish to put your money where your mouth is by either advertising with us, or buying our merchandise, or even just clicking the "Donate to HotS Through PayPal!" button at the bottom of our links list.

We're not trying to hold anyone hostage, but the fact is it's a lot of work. If you feel like having me not drawing it, well, maybe you wanna be proactive. Or not!

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