Tanner's Party Preparations, Part 1

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The Script For Today's Comic!


A very murky goldfish tank. Several fish float at the top.

CAPTION: Sept. 2000: Convinced his girlfriend is flirting with every guy at the party, Tanner drinks a bottle of “Castro” brand tequila.

CAPTION: He vomits in his girlfriend’s fish tank.

A jail cell, with a locked door and a shadow of Tanner in silhouette.

CAPTION: February 2003. New girlfriend.

CAPTION: “He was making eyes at her,” Tanner later testified, having admitted to throwing the first punch.

CAPTION: He missed thanks to his inebriation, but the party turned into a bar brawl that seven police officers had to disperse.

A pair of underwear on a grassy lawn.

CAPTION: November 2005. The girlfriend: Ann.

CAPTION: Ann and Tanner got into a vicious fight, at which point Ann locked Tanner out of his apartment.

CAPTION: Tanner, convinced he could win her back, stripped naked and sung Peter Gabriel songs on the lawn to prove his love to her.

CAPTION: It was one of the first YouTube videos to pass 10,000 viewers.

Tom, his head in his hands. Karla is aghast.

CAPTION: August 2007.

TOM: Please, God, I’ll sell you my firstborn if it’s not….

KARLA: …a party.

Roni Says:

Here we go, back on track! Thank you for your words of encouragement, I have most of the gap covered. I still have a few more to make up and will be subsequently drawing my little fingers off to avoid the dreaded comic in pencil. Also, I should add that while I was working on this strip, I made the disastrous choice to try a recent food acquisition, frozen chipotle cheddar cauliflower. It was so bad, all afternoon I felt like panel 1 was in Smell-o-vision. That may explain the level of detail.

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