Tanner's Party Preparations, Part 2

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Karla is pacing agitatedly, talking to Tom.

KARLA: Maybe the party will be fine. We’ve barely heard from them in eight months….

TOM (grimly): No. That’s not the way it works.

(Tom escorts her into another room, where we see a graph chart with several dips and curves. He points at it with a pointer.)

TOM: In his 2005 “Ann” relationship, Tanner was quiescent for three months. Note the fights here, then here…

TOM: …culminating in the catastrophic “naked butt-lawn” breakdown of 2005.

(Tom pulls out a new chart. This one starts out in the middle [Tanner and Izzy’s first date], then spikes in various places, ending upward very high.)

TOM: Now, Izzy and Tanner had issues with the apartment in 2006 and a fight on New Years 2007, but Tanner is like an unbanked volcano.

TOM: The longer the quiet time, the greater the explosion of psychodrama.

TOM: I predict a work of staggering proportions.

KARLA: You printed out charts for this?

TOM: Sometimes multimedia presentations are the only way to show a friend his errors in judgment.

Ferrett Says

Just a quick note: Remember, if you're in the Massachusetts area and "Seeing the guy who writes this" is at all of a draw to you, then remember that I will be at Pi Con this weekend.

Heavy thanks also go to the fine people at BetaPwned, who sent me payment for an advertisement, which promptly got lost when my laptop's hard drive crashed and burned. (My new laptop's drive crashed this weekend; laptop gods, be merciful, please!) In any case, they have a pretty good comic, including the most truthful StumbleUpon comic ever made. Check 'em out.

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