Tanner's Party Preparations, Part 3

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Karla and Tom, still talking.

KARLA: We donít know itís going to end in tears, Tom. Izzyís differentÖ.

TOM: She is. Tannerís not.

TOM: Tannerís always been a good boyfriend when he gets what he wants. But heís insecure.

TOM: A party is the perfect storm for Tannerís psychodrama: alcohol to loosen him up, a girlfriend, and flirting strangers.

TOM: He thinks he can handle it. He always does.

TOM: But someone will look at Izzy the wrong way, and his imagination will devour him whole.

KARLA: Canít we help him?

TOM: Heís a living Kobayashi Maru. If we say nothing, weíre hiding it from him. If we reassure him, itís because we know things are wrong.

KARLA: But things are different with Izzy!

TOM: Itís like some evil groundhog; if Tanner sees happiness, itís two years of record-setting misery for his friends.

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