Tanner's Party Preparations, Part 5

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The Script For Today's Comic!


A close-up on Tanner, slowly pulling back until the final panel’s reveal. It should be shadowy and dim, hard to make out exactly where he’s talking.

TANNER: Here’s the deal: Izzy and I are holding a party. Everyone we know is invited….

TANNER: …except for you.

TANNER: Izzy’s hasn’t really gotten over the last time. But I forgive you for everything. It’s just how you are.

TANNER: But you can’t come. Izzy’d be mad at me for telling you there was a party. But it’s not right lying to you.

TANNER: But she’d kill you if you crashed. So don’t try.

(Pull back to show that Tanner is not talking to Ann, but Mincemeat.)

TANNER: But if you just stopped attacking her whenever she walks in my apartment, she might learn to like you!

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