Izzy's Party Preparations, Part 1

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Izzy and Melanie are talking conspiratorially, hunched over as Karla approaches her at the office.

IZZY: I say hormones win.

MELANIE: Not the brain? You sure?

KARLA: How you guys doing?

MELANIE: Good. Say, have you watched my Desperate Housewives DVDs yet?

KARLA: Melanie, I’m sorry – but that show is everything that’s wrong with television.

KARLA: That show is a plastic thrill designed to make bored wives feel like someone is slimier than they are.

MELANIE: That’s a shame. ‘Cause Nathan Fillion – the guy from Firefly? – he’s joining the cast.

KARLA is stunned. Then:

MELANIE: I think we broke her.

IZZY (pointing at Karla’s stomach like a Barnum and Bailey ringmaster, completely oversold): No, no – her ovaries are battling her taste neurons now! Watch as they meet in the stomach to fight to the death!

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