Izzy's Party Preparations, Part 2

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Izzy and Melanie, together. Karla is still glazed.

IZZY: Wow. Maybe you did break Karla.

MELANIE (satisfied): Well, that’s thanks to you. I didn’t know who “Nathan Fillion” was until you told me.

IZZY: Cool. We broke her together.

IZZY: Look, Melanie, Tanner and me are... We're having a party. But I haven’t invited you yet, because I’m worried you won’t have anything in common with our guests. And they're nerds, so they might not be polite about it.

MELANIE: That’s sweet, Izzy. But I can talk with anyone!

IZZY: …about your children.


IZZY: You know, nothing loosens up a crowd like hearing “mom” discuss earache cures.

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