Tanner's Party Preparations, Part 6

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Tom and Karla, looking grim as theyíre ready to go.

KARLA: Right. Tannerís party is tonight.

TOM: And we are going to save him from needless psychodrama.

KARLA: Iíll be reassurance. Constant reassurance that Izzy really does love him.

TOM: And Iíll be the voice of reason, explaining that not every guy who looks at her is sleeping with her behind his back.

KARLA: Excellent. Weíll Ė

KARLA: - Is that a videocamera?

(Tom looks, and perhaps whistles, guiltily)

KARLA: I thought we agreed that nobody would film this yearís weeping frenzy!

TOM : Come on, Karla, his last meltdown had 10,000 viewers on YouTube! If we canít stop him, he can at least be my ticket to Internet fame and fortune!

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