Introducing Rayvyn

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Tom arrives at the party with Tanner and The New Guest.
TOM: Tanner, we got here early like you asked. And –

TANNER (enthusiastic): Good! You got here! I wanted you to meet my new, uh, friend! Meet Rayvyn!

RAYVYN: Tomathon! Rayvyn Bloodwynd. Excellent to meet your acquaintance. We shall be bonded tonight with the power of unity!

TOM: So, um, how do you know Tanner?

RAYVYN: We both perform protective services at the strip club. We bounce.

TOM: You don’t look, uh, the type…

RAYVYN: Tanner… protects dancers on the physical plane.

TOM : The club doesn’t pay you to protect dancers from the githyanki, do they?

RAYVYN : I receive free incense from time to time.

Roni Says:

This guy is way too much fun to draw. Also, a big "Hello" to everyone I met at Gen Con. It was neat to meet that many readers! I would have said something sooner, but I was exhausted and just getting the strips in by the skin of my teeth last week.

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