Tanner's Party Preparations, Part 9

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The Script For Today's Comic!


SCENE: Tom confronting Tanner.

TOM: …Tanner?


TOM: I’ve just been talking to this Rayvyn guy, and… He’s got more issues than a magazine rack.

TOM: I wouldn’t mind, except you never call me any more… I thought that we were friends….

TANNER : Tom, you don’t understand. But you will. I’ve been…

TANNER: Cocooning. With Izzy. For eight months. But I...Yes, I SHOULD have called more. To bond.

TANNER: But tonight will make it all clear! I’m starting something so grand, and… I’m making you a part of it all!

TANNER: From now on, you’ll be seeing a lot of me! You and I, Tom – we’ll be as one! Like we used to be!

(Tom appears before Karla, completely shocked and terrified. Karla looks confused.)

TOM: Set Psychodrama Alert to code Red.

CAPTION: Next week: The Party Begins!

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