Party Party, Part 1

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Two random nerds and Melanie enter the apartment. Izzy greets them.

MELANIE: Hi, Izzy! I –

(The two nerds walk past Izzy wordlessly, leaving Melanie to wonder what the heck is going on.)

MELANIE: What was that about?

IZZY: Oh, they’ve never been to my apartment before, so they have yet to check my credentials.

(Cut to: the two nerds examining Izzy’s DVD rack with great interest. This is the final test of their friendship with Izzy. I envision this as a wide panel.)

CAPTION: Hallmarks of Nerd Parties #1: The ceremonial sniffing of your friends’ DVDs

NERD #1: Okay, Hot Fuzz, the complete Kevin Smith sans Jersey Girls, Spirited Away… She checks out.

NERD #2 (holding it up with concern, questioning): Wait a minute – she has “Practical Magic” on DVD…. Can we still be friends with her?

OTHER NERD (waving another book, coming in from the right-side of the panel): Hey, what’s our official stance on Laurel Hamilton? Cool or too girly?

Ferrett Says

This was a close one whether it was gonna be "books" or "DVDs." It could have gone either way, so I split the difference.

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