Party Party, Part 2

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Izzy is introducing two people. The people are polite, but disinterested.

IZZY : Michael, this is Emma. Emma, Michael. I think you really want to meet each other.



EMMA : Hullo.


IZZY : All right, fine.

IZZY: <lj user=qtpie>, meet <lj user=the_darkward>.

(We can see their eyes light up.)

(The two of them are talking enthusiastically, best of friends, saying something to each other in that faded-out balloon text we’ve used in the past that drives users nuts. Meanwhile, Izzy rolls her eyes in bemusement as she walks away.)

IZZY (thinking): Only on the Internet can you have best friends who wouldn’t recognize each other at a party.

Ferrett Says

One of these is a real name and is personally significant to me. The other, I made up. I'll leave it as an exercise as to which is which.

Actually, a lot of future strips in this will involve exercises best left up to you folks. But that's not for another week or two. Ah, you'll see what I mean then.

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