Party Party, Part 3

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The Script For Today's Comic!

PARTY, Part 3

Karla is talking to a really strung-out, middle-aged metalhead – dressed in leather, balding, with long, scraggly hair.

KARLA: So what do you do for a living?

METALHEAD: I guard the integrity of Dokken, the greatest metal band of the 1980s.

KARLA: What? How do you do that?

METALHEAD: I keep their Wikipedia entry pure.

METALHEAD: Evil men edit it to say that Don Dokken is the retarded cousin of Ronnie James Dio. Others slander them with accusations of love affairs with Boy George.

METALHEAD: But then I restore truth to the world!


METALHEAD (brandishing his Treo): I spent $700 on this Treo so that I can check the sanctity of the entry every ten minutes! Look! It’s clean now, thanks to me!

KARLA: So… do you have a real job?

METALHEAD (rolling his eyes): Pfft. Like my job as Wal-Mart bag-boy counts.

Ferrett Says

This is inspired by a real-life incident. The person I met was much better dressed and for F. Scott Fitzgerald, if I recall correctly... But this is funnier.

In other news, Wicked Faire is our sponsor for the next ten days, and by Gaw I wish I could go. A large, indoor, grownups-only Ren Faire? Sounds pretty cool to me!

Lastly, while I'm Linky McLinkerson, if you're interested in the Co-Director's Commentary on Wednesday's "LJ Meet-Up" strip, I wrote something up on the creation of it here. I don't do a whole lot of Director's Commentary-style writings lately here because, well, it detracts from the strip.... But I was in the mood.

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