Party Party, Part 4

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The Script For Today's Comic!

PARTY, Part 4

SCENE: Tanner and Tom are talking.

TOM: Great party, Tanner! Everyone we know is here, and then some.

TANNER: Iím surprised Branch isnít here. She usually comes to all the partiesÖ.

TANNER: Say, weren't you roleplaying with her? How'd that go?

TOM (getting into it): Awesome. Branch kept dropping hints she wanted a tower adventure, so I gave her a tower filled with the worst monsters in all of hell. A total death tower.

TOM: Eventually, she realized she couldnít fight her way past the monsters, so she flung herself off the top of the tower to escape!

TANNER: And the end result?

TOM: 20d6 falling damage to the dome, baby! No survivors on the jagged rocks.

TANNER (raising his glass in approval): Now thatís classic D&D.

Ferrett Says

This one involved all sorts of ridiculous layout issues that you'd only truly grok if you've ever tried to stuff word balloons into a strip. Fortunately, Roni and I have gotten better at the workflow here, but this is deceptively complicated.

Not that you should care, really. I'm just sayin'.

In other news, I will be in the Columbus area, doing some panels at ConText on September 28th through the 30th. If anyone wants to meet me there or say "Hi," lemme know!

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