Party Party, Part 5

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Tanner and Izzy are at the stove, cooking some form of appetizers from a cardboard box.

TANNER: Izzy, this was a great idea! This party is going swimmingly!

IZZY: Isnít it nice to see all of our friends again on such a special day?

TANNER: Uh-oh, hide the food. Here come the fundamentalists.

IZZY: Fundies? Here?

(A well-dressed nerd enters. If you can have him wearing the outfit, all the better.)

NERD (looking over the food haughtily): Hmm. Soft pretzels. I suppose you used kosher salt?

IZZY (confused): No. I got them from CostCo.

NERD: And the nachos? Do they contain six ounces of Oaxaca cheese, and two tablespoons of finely-chopped oregano leaves, as is mandated?

NERD: For we all know that the Good Eater says that a party punch must have -

TANNER (snapping): Look, not all of us believe in the gospel of Alton Brown, okay?

Ferrett Says

A potentially obscure reference, I concur. Still, if I can just work in Jamie and Adam, and then possibly Earl Hickey, I will have covered all the current shows on my TiVo.

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