The Fellowship of the Ring

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The Script For Today's Comic!

The Fellowship of the Ring
(4 panels)

Panel 1:
(Karla at the office again, this time in Izzy's cubicle. Izzy's also in full-on business dress garb. Her office is nice, but fairly mundane, except for the one clue. Karla is pointing at the screen while Izzy manipulates some sort of onscreen drawing tool.)

KARLA: This advertisement just isn't working for me. Can we try it with a bolder font and maybe a darker color scheme?

IZZY: Sure.

Panel 2:
KARLA: The client's looking for a more modern approach with an Art Deco vibe, so, umů

Panel 3:
(Karla stops, shocked, looking at Izzy's chest.)

KARLA: Is that a Fellowship of the Ring Elven Leaf Brooch?

IZZY (rubbing the back of her neck, doing that embarrassed thing, gritting her teeth and looking upwards): Um, yeah. I bought it because I really loved the movie.

Panel 4:
(Karla has flung her arms around Izzy in a near-ecstatic bliss. Izzy is shocked into motionlessness, looking around anxiously.)


IZZY (terrified): Will you keep your voice down?

Ferrett Says

…and so it begins.

Today, we introduce Izzy, the final character in the original Home on the Strange lineup. Unfortunately, there’s not much to say about Izzy at this point, since, well, she’s just been introduced.

Incidentally, yes, you can buy Fellowship of the Ring Elven clasp pins. They also come in earrings, which I bought for my geeky younger daughter Amy, and she’s worn them to the opera recitals she sings at as a small but quiet sign that she is indeed nerdier than she appears.

In fact, on Friday I went to go see V for Vendetta with some good friends of mine, and one of my pals was concerned that there were no other nerds at the office (aside from the single friend she’d brought with her). I told her that V for Vendetta was a good way of flushing the nerd-birds out of the brush; just say casually, “I went to see V for Vendetta on Friday.” The normal people may ask how it is; the nerds will hunch over and say, hungrily, “How was it?” or start to squeal with excitement that someone else has seen it and gets it.

It’s an intricate mating dance, filled with the potential for awkward missteps. I imagine it’s somewhat like a gay guy in a hetero environment, quietly feeling his way through in the dark to discover whether this attractive young man is what he thinks he is, and hoping like hell he doesn’t get it wrong.

I’m sure there are other trinkets that nerds wear to secretly announce their status at a professional office. If you’ve worn one, I’m darned curious as to what it’s been; sound off with your best nerd-calling techniques in the forums, if you would. I wanna know.

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