Drinking Games, Part 1

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The Script For Today's Comic!

PARTY, Part 7: Drinking Games

SCENE: Tom and Tanner at a table. There is a laptop in the center. Tom looks grim and is concentrating deeply, as if he was playing a very hard game of Chess. Tanner looks bemused, his fingers on the keyboard, ready to go.

TOM: …Tom Brokaw.

TANNER: You sure?

TOM: Look it up.

(Tanner turns the screen, happily, to Tom. Tom looks sickened.)

TANNER: Drink.

(Melanie walks in.)

MELANIE: What are you guys playing?

TANNER: “Celebrity Sex Hunt.” You name a celebrity. If I can find any slash fiction or Photoshopped porn associated with that celebrity, you view it all and then take a drink.

(Final panel)

MELANIE: You know, my Mom told me you'd go blind if you watched porn - .

RANDOM NERD WALKING IN, CLUTCHING HIS EYES: Abe Vigoda slash! I drank rubbing alcohol to erase the world, but his moist, humping flesh still writhes in the darkness!

Ferrett Says

You know, I'm reasonably sure that I'm going to find out someone's played every damn one of these games.

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