Drinking Games, Part 4

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To all mixologists out there, professional or not, and to all the delicious concotions they have created.

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Sponsor A Comic For Only $5!

The Script For Today's Comic!

PARTY, Part 10

Karla finds Tom on a couch.

KARLA: Okay. Iíve been watching Izzy to make sure Tanner doesnít do anything stupid to her, but I have to use the girlsí room. Can you take over?

TOM: Sorry. I've decided that it's a bad idea.


TOM: I thought about it, and I realized that Tannerís a grown man. You canít stop him from making bad choices.

TOM: If his relationship with Izzy canít stand on its own, then we canít police him for the rest of his life. Heís gotta be who he is.

KARLA: Strange that you arrived at this conclusion right after they brought out the Peeps-flavored vodka.

TOM: Karla, they had Peeps, Pop Rocks, and Black Tea vodka! Iíd be kicking myself for months if I missed out on that!

Ferrett Says

Oh, you think I'm kidding. (Full disclosure: I have done freelance work for these guys before.)

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