Drinking Games, Part 5

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Tom and Karla on the couch.

KARLA: Tom, I canít believe after everything we agreed on that youíd just abandon your best friend!

TOM (carefully correcting): First off, youíre my best friend. Tannerís a close second. Second, it is the way of the punk.

TOM: I was raised on anarchy, my sweet mistress. And she delivers.

TOM: Look at me! I destroyed my body with drugs and alcohol for the better part of a decade!

TOM: And when I stripped everything away, losing my career and my punk friends to my insane desires, what did I have left? A beautiful wife, awesome friends, and a great house.

TOM: Destruction will clear the way for Tanner! Thatís what the power of punk does for you!

KARLA (sourly): Or maybe heíll stab his girlfriend in the face and then overdose.

TOM (aggrieved): Why does everyone always bring up Sid Vicious?

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