Drinking Games, Part 6

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Karla is striding purposely across the panel, her motion apparent.

KARLA: Right. My husbandís useless, and Tannerís going to do something stupid at this party. I might as well get the truth from Tanner right now.

(Rayvyn intervenes.)

RAYVYN: Excuse me, maíam. Would you care to join me in a drinking game?

KARLA: Look, you little Snapelet, I donít have time for that right now. I have to save a friend from himself.

RAYVYN: Thatís a shame. They told me Iíd whip you in the trivia contest.

KARLA: What trivia contest?

RAYVYN: Buffy. Iím the biggest Buffy fan around.

KARLA (taking the shot glass): Oh, youíre going down like the Hindenburg, pal.

Ferrett Says

In the category of "Strips you should check out," my friend Craig Stevenson is writing his comic Ungrateful Dead - the strangely sweet comic about Tim Tyler, a man cursed to be haunted by the ghosts of Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon until he starts The Greatest Band Of All Time. Craig will be advertising on the site shortly, but you might want to avoid the rush and get there now.

In other advertising news, I still wish I could go to the Wicked Faire. But if you would like to see me, I will be attending ConText 20 this weekend, in Columbus, Ohio. I will be sad and lonely, since I'll be the only webcomics co-creator among a wealth of actual, you know, writers. So feel free to visit me and say "Hi!"

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