Drinking Games, Part 7

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Karla and Rayvyn, drinking. Rayvyn is clearly superior.

RAYVYN: …”Pete Clarner.” The actor who played the Master also appeared with Sarah Michelle Gellar in what other movie?

KARLA (terrified): Uh… I don’t know…

RAYVYN: Drink.

(As Karla drinks.)

KARLA: I thought I knew everything Buffy-related, but this guy’s decimating me! How could this be?

KARLA: I’m down five drinks. Time to pop the toughest question I know.

KARLA: Name all the episodes that have Buffy writers appearing in them as actors.

RAYVYN (clutching his ear): Hang on… let me ponder that one….

A frantic Tanner, crouching over Metalhead, who is entering the question into his Treo.

TANNER: Hang on, Rayvyn! Metalhead’s looking up the answer right now!

METALHEAD: Gimme a sec, dude! I have to check in on Dokken first!

Ferrett Says

Originally this question was going to be about Zac Efron appearing in Firefly, which was a nice tie-in to Karla's watching "High School Musical".... But Roni informed me that technically speaking, "Firefly" is not part of the Buffyverse, and so lead me in the direction of this question. Which is fair. When Roni corrects you on Buffy trivia, I assure you that you're wrong.

In addition, don't forget that I'll be in Columbus tomorrow at ConText. Feel free to say "Hi!" I'll be the one with fake teeth, looking scared and lonely.

Roni Says:

Bah. And yet, you still passed on my piece of trivia, the Buffy/Dexter referrence.

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