Drinking Games, Part 8

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Dear Bryan,

Happy birthday, punk! I love you, you giant geek.

Love, Razi

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Karla is lying, drunk and almost (but not quite) insensate, on the couch, barely reacting to what is around her. Tanner enters, panicked and scared, as Rayvyn – who was looking after Karla – reacts.

TANNER: Rayvyn, what the hell did you do? You were supposed to distract Karla until Izzy was ready, not destroy her!

KARLA: WHa? Distragt? Izzeh?

RAYVYN: I bested her in the drinking game. But she’s apparently no Marion Ravenwood….

TANNER: Karla’s a lightweight! Were the drinks as big as this?

RAYVYN: She struck me as a strong woman who needed strong drinks.

TANNER: And the contents of those drinks?

RAYVYN: Absinthe and Bloody Mary mix. According to the fanfic, it’s Angel’s favorite drink. She was thrilled; it was a themed Buffy drinking contest.

TANNER: Great. Buffy to barfy in forty minutes.

RAYVYN: Barfy the vampire slayer.

Ferrett Says

Much to my terror, this is an actual drink. I found it on the Internet. Someone likes this - and if you've ever sampled both of them, you'll understand why it's a bad idea to sample them simultaneously.

Incidentally, our sponsors this week have been referenced here before - Infusions of Grandeur, the people who brought you "Peeps"-flavored vodka. Take a look.

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