Drinking Games, Part 9

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The Script For Today's Comic!


SCENE: Tanner and Rayvyn, over Karla’s still-near-comatose form.

TANNER: You realize you may have ruined the plan.

RAYVYN: She was getting too close. She needed to be distracted.

TANNER: You destroyed her with your drinking contest! How is she going to participate now? She’s going to throw up in precisely fourteen seconds.

KARLA (waving feebly, then perhaps collapsing in the next panel): Uhm nah disaybull….

RAYVYN: Tanner, you don’t know that. I can bring her around with some coffee and a few restorative chants…

TANNER: three… two… one….

(In a separate panel, Karla barfs on Rayvyn’s shoes. Tanner steps back.)

TANNER: If you don’t know to the second when a drunk’s gonna vomit on you, you don’t survive as a strip club bouncer.

RAYVYN: Oh, dear. She had anchovy pizza for dinner, I see….

TANNER: Just get the Swiffer.

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