Drinking Games, Part 10

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Karla is now alone.

TANNER (off-screen): Rayvyn, get the towels! Karla’s ruining the couch!

RAYVYN (also off-screen): Someone stole them! I’m looking!

KARLA (thinking woozily): Tanner got me out of the way. “Until Izzy was ready, he said.”

KARLA: Can’t walk. Can barely think. But… have to avoid this… trainwreck. I must save Tanner from destroying his girlfriend.

KARLA: But how? He’s disabled me. Well done.

KARLA: Time to activate my superpower. The one I’ve held in reserve.


(CUT TO: A nerd, talking to Melanie.)

NERD: Did you just hear some drunk chick shouting, “Do me, Paul Lynde and…?”

MELANIE: The mistress! She needs me!

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