In The Sneaky Geeky Tiki Room

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The Script For Today's Comic!


The Dairy Of Anne Frank Only Counts If You Saw Her On A Milk Carton

Izzy and Karla are walking into a Tiki Bar restaurant, that looks as cheesy as you’d care to draw it. They are not seated, but rather scurrying in that sort of hushed, crouched, and giggly way that two girls do after they’ve just done something terribly naughty and have to go hide.

IZZY (whispering): So you think we’re far enough from work?

KARLA: I’m sure. Nobody from management would be caught dead at this place.

IZZY (relaxing, obviously joyful in a way that she can’t believe happened): I can’t believe someone in our office knows Lord of the Rings – let alone someone in management! I forgot I was even wearing that pin…

KARLA: …but I’m so glad you did! It’s gorgeous! Are you as tired of talking about “American Idol” as I am?

IZZY (getting more excited): God, yes. I feel like some low-grade Anne Frank, dressing up to pass for normal – no Goth mascara, no posters in my office – but now you’re there! It’ll be so good just to come into work and know that there’s someone I can talk to about the latest Viggo gossip!

KARLA (feeding off her excitement, a positive feedback loop): …Or trade theories about the latest Harry Potter book!

IZZY (clasping her hands together in joy): Or squeal over the trailer for Spiderman 3!

KARLA (throwing her hands up like a soccer touchdown): Or talk about Buffy reruns!

(Immediate silence. Bringdown.)

IZZY: Actually, I’ve never seen Buffy.

KARLA (serious, sad, as if she’s about to break up with Izzy): We have to talk.

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