Drinking Games, Part 11

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Melanie is attending to Karla on the couch.

MELANIE: Karla, what happened to you? You’re… a mess.

KARLA: Tanner drunkened me! T’keeb me away frum Izzy!

KARLA: Look. Tanner… He’s crazy. He does wild things. And he… he outplotted me.

KARLA: He’s gonna do something crazy that’ll break up his Izzy. You have to stop thad.

KARLA: Go ged Izzy. Tell her now. Stop the apogalypse. Please?

MELANIE: I will. I’ll take care of things. That’s what I do.

KARLA: Thangs, Melanie. You know, you’re nod really my minion. You’re… something more than that. You loog after me, you chat with me…

KARLA: Thad makes you a… a….

MELANIE: Friend?

KARLA: Outplotted and losing my minion in the same night. My plans for world domination are collapsing!

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