Drinking Games, Part 12

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Melanie, outside a door.

MELANIE: Izzy, we need to talk. Tannerís going to do something crazy tonight. Heís already knocked out Karla.

IZZY: Donít come in! I canít see anyone now!

MELANIE: Has he already gotten to you? Knock three times if heís holding you prisoner. Karla told me what heís done in the pastÖ.

IZZY: No! ItísÖ I canít explain! Just go away!

MELANIE: No! Karlaís trusted me to get to the bottom of this tonight, and I will!

(MELANIE enters.)

(We see Izzy in her glorious wedding dress, looking beautiful and shy.)


IZZY: Itís kind of a special party.

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