Desperate Fan Lives: Introduction

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Desperate Fan Lives: Introduction

A nerd is walking by Karla on the couch, and finds a bunch of pamphlets on the floor. He stoops down to pick one up.

NERD: "The first church of... pants?" I can't tell, the pamphlet's all stained....

TOM: Ha! That's my wife for ya. Have you heard what she's been doing lately?

NERD: No, but I really don't care that much. I don't even know her.

TOM: Funnily enough, this is the kind of story that could only happen to Karla in the first few weeks of October 2007! Let me tell you about what she did now, while recent events are still fresh in your mind.

NERD: That's okay. I....

TOM: I said sit DOWN for your flashback, son.

Ferrett Says

Boy, I sure hope you folks'll understand the brief pause here. But you know, give it some time.

Love ya!

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