Desperate Fan Lives, Part 1

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Desperate Fan Lives, Part 1

Karla is working at the table, scrawling some sort of poster board with art supplies about. Tom comes on with interest.

TOM: Whatcha doing?

KARLA: Preparing. This has to work.

TOM: What has to work?

KARLA: Nathan Fillion. Starred in Firefly; cancelled after thirteen episodes. Starred in Slither, a good movie, which was a box-office bomb.

KARLA: Starred in Drive, cancelled in mid-sentence.

KARLA: Now heís on Desperate Housewives.

TOM: So?

KARLA: So heís so talented! If Housewives goes down, thatís the end of his career! Heíll be the Ted McGinley of the 21st century!
KARLA: So Iím starting a new campaign to promote him. These billboards are starting tomorrow.

(She holds up a sign in bold letters that Tom looks at anxiously. It says, NATHAN FILLION: YOUR SIGN OF UNPROFITABLE QUALITY!)

Ferrett Says

Ah, yes. I know, y'all wanna find out what's going on with Izzy - but we do have to diverge for this brief sojourn into another time-sensitive story, since the matter in question can actually be affected by our readership. We're big fans here, even as the rest of the world is apparently not, so we're just doing our bit to try to help out.

Also, just as an FYI, the banner ad above HotS - which we thought was reasonably cheap at $2 a day - has remained unsold for awhile. I wanted to move it straight to Project Wonderful, but if we do that then we don't get to advertise cool people with the cool projects we like - it's whoever gets served. So it may not matter at all to you, but unless we can sell more ad space up there, we're gonna put something up there that does earn us at least some dough. So if you were thinking about it, now's the time to step up.

Also, if you're wondering who the other guy mentioned is, say hello to the patron saint.

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