Wedding, Part 1

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Melanie and Izzy.

MELANIE: Izzy, you’re… Getting married? Here? Without telling us?

IZZY: We didn’t want to make a big deal of it.

IZZY: After New Year’s and that whole Seth thing, we were happy. For the first time, Tanner and I didn’t need anyone else.

IZZY: Then three weeks ago, I woke up and said, “This is it. He’s the one.” So we decided to go for it.

IZZY: We already had the party planned! All our friends would be there – there for the tidal wave of joy, showering love upon the world! It was a sign from above, Melanie, I’m telling you!

MELANIE: So you decided to spring a wedding on everyone? Both of you?

IZZY: It’s crazy, I know. But we’re crazy. Why not have a crazy wedding?

MELANIE: Because your maid of honor has just soaked your couch with half-digested pizza?

IZZY: We’ll just call that “pre-wedding jitters.”

Ferrett Says

We thought about a transition strip, but we figured, "Meh, you guys can figure out that we're back." And we are. Good thing, too, since this particular storyline is proving tricky to write; anyone who thinks that Roni's just the transcriptionist here oughtta see the first drafts.

A shame, though; we wanted to have a big Halloween storyline, but this is overlapping. We'll get 'em next year.

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