Wedding, Part 2

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Still talking.

MELANIE: So Tanner got Karla drunk….

IZZY: To hold her off for a bit. She’s snoopy, and, you know… sometimes she’s….


IZZY: You said it, not me.

IZZY: She’d want what’s right for her. But nobody understands Tanner and me but us. This is gonna be an awesome wedding; she’ll come ‘round.

MELANIE: Wait a minute. You invited me to this party. Which means…

IZZY: Yeah. I wanted you at my wedding.

(They hug)

IZZY: Welcome to the family, Mel.I've been meaning to add thi

Ferrett Says

Our mystery sponsor this week has chosen to give her ad time to Flaky Pastry, a cute little comic about some psycho dungeon crawlers. I like it; check it out.

Roni Says:

I've been meaning to mention this for at least a week. I am infatuated with Free Rice. It's a vocabulary quiz/game that facilitates companies donating food to hungry people. A time wasty little game that improves your vocabulary AND does a little bit of charity? FANTASTIC! I admittedly know nothing about it's mechanics and distribution, but I feel confident that it is more productive than playing Free Cell or Minesweeper, which I do with great abandon when I need a brain reset. Sure, they could probably donate 11 grains of rice per word, but 10 is better than 0, they'll get no complaints from me. I've made it as high as 46 but average about 41, of which I'm rather proud. I encourage you to go try and beat me.

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