A Crash Course In Geek 101

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The Script For Today's Comic!


A Crash Course In Geek 101

(Karla and Izzy are at dinner, talking over a counter. There are a lot of words in this, but I think you can cram them all into a few panels. There should not be a lot of action.)

KARLA: So you've never watched Buffy?

IZZY: And I’ve never played a roleplaying game, either. I've read the rulebooks, but I never knew anybody who played.

KARLA (cheerful): Well, you do now! I know a perfect GM for you.

IZZY: I’ve wanted to geek out for so long….

KARLA: What have you been doing all those years that you couldn’t get your nerd on?

IZZY: Well, I always hung out with the jocks, which sort of led me into ROTC, so it was never cool. There were some guys who roleplayed in the Army, but I sort of, um… bombed out before I could get with them.

KARLA: Mmm-hmmm.

IZZY: And then I got all rebellious, and wound up a full-blown Goth, and all the idiots who LARPed just wanted to get into my pants. I hated that.

KARLA: I can understand.

(This whole “here’s my history” exchange should probably be one big panel, with a lot of words, a la Queen of Wands.)

IZZY (finishing): Basically, I’ve had a lot of nerdy interests, but nobody to share them with.

KARLA (with the excitement of a girl about to give someone a makeover): Goodness, then you'll need the full package!

(Karla puts a large stack of books on the table.)

KARLA: Here's the full works of George R. R. Martin and Terry Pratchett for you to read.

KARLA: And here's all four seasons of Babylon 5!

IZZY (small): I’ve wanted to watch that, but… I thought there were five.

KARLA (small): We do not talk about the fifth season.

(Karla heaps a Playstation 2 and a heap of games on the table):

KARLA: And have you played Final Fantasy X?

IZZY: — no —

KARLA: Well, here's FFX, and a PS2 to play it on, and Katamari Damacy. And here's the core D&D rulebooks – 3.5, of course – and we’ll watch Buffy together…

IZZY (almost obscured by the pile of stuff, a little alarmed): Is this required to be friends with you?

KARLA: Nerds don't have friends, dear. We have receptacles to pour our favorite fandoms into. And here's the complete Doctor Who…

IZZY (very small, almost invisible): Do you just carry these around with you?

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