Wedding, Part 3

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The Script For Today's Comic!


SCENE: Melanie and Izzy are hugging as Tanner runs in.

TANNER: Sweetie, I –

IZZY: It’s okay. She knows.

TANNER: Good. But bad. Honey, I – I think the wedding’s hit a snag.

TANNER: Karla’s puking on the couch. Rayvyn’s mad at me ‘cause I yelled at him about giving Karla too much to drink.

TANNER: My sister has a flat tire on the freeway, so she’s not gonna be here, and I still haven’t talked to Tom.

TANNER: Plus… Metalhead’s not sure he can do “Sweet Child of Mine” on Expert on Guitar Hero.

IZZY: But I need live music for our wedding processional! I can’t walk down the aisle to “Crazy On You”!

TANNER: He claims he’s only really inspired by Dokken.

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