Wedding, Part 4

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Our wedding really was perfect, even though you wore the wrong shoes.
Love, Robyn

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Tanner and Izzy, with Melanie still about (though not necessarily shown in the first panel).

IZZY: Sweetie, the wedding will be fine no matter what happens. But you need to go talk to Tom now.

(Tanner leaves)

MELANIE: You’re remarkably composed, given how things are going….

IZZY: If Seth taught me anything, it was that you love someone despite all their flaws! Tanner’s not good with details, but you have to hold him tighter because of it!

IZZY: I have to take the good with the bad, and love everything he is.

TANNER (sticking his head back in): Sweetie, I can’t find your wedding ring. But I found my old “Flash” ring with the Barry Allen memorial insignia instead!

MELANIE: Everything?

IZZY: Everything!

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