Wedding, Part 7

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Jack - Being married to you is like controlling all four railroads as well. I love you! - Linda

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The Script For Today's Comic!

WEDDING, part 7

Tom and Tanner, still. (Another six-panel – sorry, but these emotional strips are hard to do in four.)

TOM: Dude, I don’t want to buzz kill, but getting married?

TANNER: It’s what I want. And it’ll be good for us.

TANNER: You see, I spent the last ten months just hanging with Izzy. We stayed in the house all the time, just watching TV and cuddling…

TOM: …and you never called me to go out.

TANNER: No. I didn’t. And eventually, I realized that’s because that I was scared.

TANNER: I was waiting for Izzy to leave me the way that everyone else left me… So I spent all my time with her. I wanted to store up all the memories I could get so that when she dumped my ass, I’d have something to go on.

TANNER: But… she said she loved me. And that she always wanted to be with me.

TANNER: Then, after I almost got fired from the strip club for showing up late again, Izzy proposed to me. And I knew that we could be together.

TOM: Tanner, that’s… sweet. That’s good. But marriage…

TANNER: No, no! Once we’re married, I’ll have an anchor! I won’t have to lose myself in her! And we can start hanging out again, because I won’t be scared.

TOM: You make it sound like love cures cancer, man.

TANNER: Dude, Marriage is the “Get Out Of Loneliness Free” card in the Monopoly game of life!

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