Wedding, Part 8

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The Script For Today's Comic!


SCENE: Tanner and Tom, still.

TOM: I… I dunno, man. You should get married because you love someone…

TANNER: But I do love Izzy. And unlike Ann, Izzy loves me back.

TOM: Yeah, but it’s… not the same, and….

TOM: Aw, I can’t stop the signal. Gimme a hug, you big palooka.

(They hug. Metalhead crosses in the background.)

METALHEAD (doing his best Francis imitation): Gaayyyy…..

TOM: Hey! This isn’t gay, it’s the bond of manliness!

TANNER: Yeah! This is a total bromance!

Roni Says:

Hat tip to Richard, Jon and Justin for the the creation and use of bromance.

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