Wedding, Part 9

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The Script For Today's Comic!


SCENE: Still Tom Ďní Tanner.

TOM: So youíre getting married, man. Letís rock this scene.

TANNER: It wouldnít be a wedding without you, dude. Youíve had my back since fifth grade.

TOM: I know. Itís silly, butÖ I was worried.

TANNER: About what?

TOM: Just that, you know, it upset me that that freak Rayvyn had replaced me as your best friend.

TANNER: Rayvynís just this guy who hangs around at the strip club. I mean, heís all right, but heís never gonna be as cool as you.

(CUT TO, IN ANOTHER PANEL: A heartbroken Rayvyn, his eyes wide, perhaps a tear dripping from one eye as he stares at them in sadness.)

Ferrett Says

You guys came this close to seeing the rough artwork instead of the final. That's 'cause Roni, though she finished the artwork, accidentally sent me the wrong file - and I couldn't get ahold of her. (This has happened once before in HotS history, but the last time we caught it at five minutes after.) So rather than breaking the streak, I'd have used the placeholder - but fortunately, at T-minus twenty minutes, she got back to me.

So you almost - almost - got to see what I see when the dialogue is finalized. 'Twould have lovely behind-the-scenes look, to be sure. Some day I probably should post a more elaborate take on our workflow, since it's taken a lot of honing to get it to where it is... But not today.

Roni Says:

a.k.a. Long Day. Fire bad. Tree pretty.

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