Wedding, Part 12

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Izzy and Tanner, dressed as you see fit.

IZZY : Tanner, this is finally going to happen. Iím so nervous!

TANNER: Oh, weíve had some bumps. But itíll be smooth sailing from here.

MINCEMEAT at the window, growling angrily and ominously, but Tanner and Izzy do not see it.

Ferrett Says

I should add that the last advertiser on Home on the Strange - and no, we weren't kidding about the strip ending - is The Hathor Legacy, which discusses female characters in the media. If y'all have any interest in feminist issues and how it relates to your favorite TV show, I'd advise you to check 'em out.

In other news, it looks like we'll be wrapping up around "Wedding, Part 18." So you have a bit. Then, alas, the end shall be here.

Roni Says:

I wanted to point out that we're not dying, nor are we quitting the internet. We both have blogs for anyone interested in keeping up with future work.

For instance, here's a recent commission of which I am quite proud. A reader asked me to design this poster, in a style similar to HotS, for his wife's birthday. This project was a bit intimidating, I'd never done a poster-sized work (36' x 24") before, I tend to work in a fairly small scale. I really enjoy the process of drawing out what a client is visualizing and distilling that into a complete image. (I'd love to get into doing book covers, if anyone has a lead on that.) I worked closely with a great little print shop down the street and it came out beautifully. The reader was quite happy, and promised to send me a picture when it's framed and hanging on the wall. If any of you are interested in commissioning a piece, just shoot me and email, either through the HotS mail or me @ and we'll see what we can figure out.

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