Wedding, Part 14

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Wedding, Part 14

TANNER, panicked, as Mincemeat and Tom walks through the door

TANNER: Tom, where have you been? The wedding’s starting! And –

TANNER (noticing Mincemeat): Oh God, hide Izzy! She can’t be mauled on her wedding day!

TOM : It’s all right, I got it.

TANNER: But how?

TOM: I had bacon in my pocket. Kid’s a sucker for food. He’ll behave himself. Right, guy?

TANNER: Aw, man, I have a miracle possum. He can find his way anywhere.

TANNER: Did he bring the wedding ring with him? I left it at home.

TOM: He’s a lice-ridden scavenger, Tanner, not Frodo the ringbearer. Just be glad he’s not eating your wife’s face.

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