Wedding, Part 15

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The Script For Today's Comic!

WEDDING, part 15

Rayvyn between Tanner and Izzy, in some sort of robe, making the wedding speech.

RAYVYN: As we gather here for Tanner and Izzy’s wedding, we must remember: Marriage…

RAYVYN: …is about honesty. And trust.

RAYVYN: Even though some people say they’re your friend with one mouth and tell you that you’re “just this guy” with the other, sometimes you’re foolish enough to believe them.

RAYVYN: That’s a bond made of rotting paper! Nothing more than a legal fiction!

RAYVYN: Do you want to marry a man like that? Do you? Do you?

CUT TO: Tom and Karla. Tom is crossing his arms in bemusement, taking it all in; Karla is half-conscious against a wall.

TOM: This is hands-down, the most awesome wedding speech I have ever seen.

KARLA: Hag on, I’ll hadle id.

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