Wedding, Part 18

Sponsored by Roni

For James,
I'm glad you liked it. I couldn't have done it without you.
Love, Roni

P.S. For Ferrett: I couldn't have done it without you, either.

Sponsor A Comic For Only $5!

Sponsor A Comic For Only $5!

The Script For Today's Comic!

Ferrett Says

The early ending of the strip puts us in a slight bind; Christmas is approaching for everyone, and I'm going to a convention in January with no actual strip to discuss. And it puts you in a bind, too, since we never did wrap up anything with Branch, really (aside from establishing that at least Karla thinks she's still alive).

So on this last official strip, we'll put out our first and last donation drive. We have a PayPal link. If the combined readers of HotS can get us $500 before Christmas day with various donations, we'll give you a short (one or two-strip) wrap-up on What Happened To Branch. Roni came up with a perfect ending, and I assure you it's right in character. And that strip would be posted before I go to the Con in January, just so we all have something to shill!

The PayPal link is here. If you feel generous or curious for everything we've done, all the money will be going to Roni. A large fund may encourage Roni to, eventually, do her own strip sans me, which I think would be cool.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Roni Says:

So here we are, at the end*. It's been a long, weird road. I hope you've enjoyed doing the strip as much as I've enjoyed making it.

*Ish depending on the possibility of the Christmas Special

For those of you who are looking to further your Home on the Strange cred, I'm auctioning off some original HotS art. So far, we have Karla taking over the world and the first appearance of Izzy. I plan to list a few more over the next couple of days, I'm just not done sorting and scanning. Keep an eye on my auction page for updates.

As for future projects, who knows, I'm still sorting that out myself. However, I do plan to resurrect my art journal for those of you interested in keeping track (and don't feel like sifting through the chatter of my regular journal) Also, there's my web page,

Thanks so much, you guys have been great.

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