A Date With Density, Part 1

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The Script For Today's Comic!

A Date With Density, Part 1
(6 Panels)

Panel 1:
(Izzy and Tanner at a fancy restaurant with a white tablecloth, actual silverware, and candles on the table. Izzy is dressed appropriately, for the occasion. Tanner is still dressed in his Hell's Angel-style outfit, oblivious, hulking over the table. Perhaps a waiter is eyeing them warily in the background.)

TANNER: "So, um, Karla told me you worked at her office."

IZZY: "Yes. I'm a graphic illustrator."

TANNER: "What happened to you today?"

Panel 2:

IZZY: "Well, a client called up just before his poster went to the printer, and we realized we'd accidentally flipped a car around. The wheel was on the right instead of the left! I had to Photoshop it back into place, then drive the file across town."

Panel 3:

TANNER (genuine, if not awe-inspired): "Wow. That's interesting."

IZZY: "So what happened to you at work today?"

Panel 4:

TANNER: "Some guy tried to touch the girls on-stage and he wouldn't stop, so I kicked him in the junk like I normally do."

TANNER: "But his jimmies had been shot off Vietnam, so I had to smash him in the head with a beer bottle."

Panel 5:

Panel 6:

TANNER (oblivious, picking up the menu): "So do you want appetizers?"

IZZY: "No, I think we can move straight to the main course."

Ferrett Says

For some reason, I think it's intensely funny when one show steals another's punchline and uses it in a different place. I don't know why that it is, but it probably explains why I pretty much stole the ending line to this strip wholesale.

No, I'm not saying where I got it from. But I did Americanize it, if that helps. Remember, it's not "ripping someone off," but "an homage." (For the record, the quote is not exact, even as the situation is more or less the same.)

In other news, I made a big hoo-hah announcement on Monday about the future direction of Home on the Strange in my LiveJournal. Why did I make it there? Because it's frickin' huge, that's why. In any case, it's not required reading, but if you'd like some thoughts on writing Webcomics, they're there - and if you're here from Websnark's recent (and kind) mention of us, you'll probably find my theories on How To Write Humor Comics interesting. Enjoy.

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