A Date With Density, Part 2

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The Script For Today's Comic!

A Date With Density, Part 2
(4 panels)

Panel 1:
(Izzy and Tanner, still at the restaurant.)

IZZY: You know, I really loved Planet of the Apes, too!

TANNER: Charlton Heston is so the man.

IZZY (warming up to Tanner again, a little seductively): Totally. The way he grits his teeth? Magnifique.

Panel 2:

TANNER: So did you ever see Omega Man, Izzy?


TANNER: I've got a copy back at — oh my God, hide.

Panel 3:
(Tanner, trying to shove Izzy under the table, but not succeeding particularly well because he's not getting out of his chair and Izzy’s a fighter.)

IZZY: What?

TANNER: It's my girlfriend.

IZZY: Your girlfriend?

TANNER: Well, ex-girlfriend. She cheated on me, so we're not seeing each other right now.

Panel 4:
(Tanner ducks and hides behind the menu, hunching, which is ludicrous because a) the menu is far too small to do anything aside from cover his face, and b) his body type is so obvious you could spot him anywhere.)

IZZY: So why should I hide?

TANNER: You're right. I'll just lay low until she's gone.

IZZY (crossed arms, angry): I bet that's the only kind of laying you're familiar with.

Ferrett Says

Three brief notes:

1) If you have not seen Omega Man and have a burning desire to see the height of cheesy 1970s films, do not walk to your Netflix Queue. Run. There should be some sort of Japanese or German word that means “So awful it transcends itself,” but this is precisely what Omega Man – a film that involves a shirtless Charlton Heston as the last man alive, fighting off hordes of strangely-incompetent vampires – is.

2) Some people may question whether a man can be so dumb as to do this. All I can say is that this comic is taken from life. Unfortunately, to be more specific, I must reveal that it is my life.

3) I absolutely adore Izzy’s expression in the final panel. I think it may be my favorite of just about any in this strip thus far.

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